Manhole Benching

What is Manhole Benching?

Manhole benching is the process of installing smoothed infill GRP structures placed between the channel pipes and the chamber walls of a manhole.

Manhole Benching affects the hydraulic flow through the manhole during sanitary sewer/drainage events. The shape and elevation of the GRP manhole benching prevent rodents from leaving the system and avoid the buildup of waste in the manhole, thus preventing manhole blockage.

The finished surface of the manhole benching is self-cleaning and allows for the unrestrained flow of sewage or drainage. Manhole Benching is typically formed from the channel’s edge, at the minimum, the pipe’s crown to allow for a smooth flow of drainage. It is necessary to make sure that there are no gaps, as water should not be allowed to skewer through the manhole benching.

Manhole Benching Qatar


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